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The worst message any gamer can receive while on the verge of victory. Rage Quit Batteries are a way to minimise this by being specially designed to maintain performance of all you gaming accessories for extended amounts of time.

enhance your gameplay

Rage Quit Batteries can enhance your gameplay for longer by providing high capacity power storage of 2500mAh for AA and 800mAh for AAA batteries. Fully rechargeable over 500 cycles Rage Quit batteries not only mean less unwanted gaming interruptions but also value for money and environmentally friendly.


Batteries developed with patented Japanese technology for power, quality and reliability for everyday devices.


Using proprietary technology, these batteries provide excellent anti-leak performance during storage and over-discharge use.


The batteries use a patented triple layer structure. The result is an increased shelf life due to low leakage.

Batteries to power your gaming.

The +ve and –ve terminals of the battery maintain consistent contact with devices through a unique processing on the surface of the positive and negative terminals.

This also prevents terminal surface resistance, even after being stored under high temperatures of up to 160 °F and high humidity of up to 90%.

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